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Hoosiers add late football recruit.

Spring practice begins in a few weeks, but IU recently added to its 2007 recruiting class by signing Donnell Jones, a 5-10 kid from Lakewood High School in Florida. We can only hope Jones is as impressive as another late recruit from Florida. The linked STP Times article indicates that Jones didn't qualify until April, which might suggest a higher quality than the typical last minute recruit. Kellen Lewis, you might recall, received high-quality offers (at least a couple of Florida's big three, I believe) to play DB or WR, but enrolled in a prep school so that he could continue to pursue the opportunity to play quarterback. When Mike Vlahogeorge quit football, IU snagged Lewis, and the rest is history (well, not history yet, but he looked damn promising as a redshirt freshman). Certainly, it's unclear whether Jones ever will have an impact at IU, but both of these signings point to the effort and organization of the IU staff. (Hat tip: who else? Doug Wilson of the H-T).