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Football miscellany.

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The good and the bad. First, the good: I happened to be in Bloomington yesterday and took a look at the north end of Memorial Stadium, the site of the stadium expansion. Nothing by way of true construction activity seems to be ongoing, but as has been noted in other sources, the rickety end zone bleachers are gone. There are stakes all over the north embankment foretelling some sort of work. The footprint of the new project seems to be bigger than I realized.

I drove up the road that runs along the north side of the stadium--not the asphalt path that runs right behind the scoreboard, but the north part of the oval shaped road that encircles the entire stadium. There were green paint marks all over that road and some stakes on the north side of the road. There has been some debate about whether IU should have enclosed the south end, but considering the location of the practice fields, it especially makes sense when standing right there.

On the bad side, we have yet another article quoting Rick Greenspan on Terry Hoeppner. The quote most interesting quote was this one:

Q: Do you still talk to coach Hoeppner regularly?
A: "To the degree that I
can without bugging the family. I talk to (his wife) Jane and I talk to Terry,
but I've tried to the best of my ability to be reasonably informed and yet not
be invasive. I'm just trying to keep a balance."

Again, I won't speculate on Hep's condition, but I had assumed that the AD was in the loop. It sounds like he knows a bit more than those of us on the outside, but not much more.