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Coach Hep update

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This isn't much of a feelgood story for my triumphant return, but there is an update on Terry Hoeppner. Not much of an update, really, other than to make clear that it's going to be a while before we know whether Hep will coach the team in the fall. Over on the Rivals board, folks are making much of the following quote from AD Rick Greenspan:

"I love what Terry did for our program," Greenspan said. "It needed the adrenaline rush he gave it. Wins
and losses are one thing, but we needed to re-establish credibility with our
fans, and he has helped us do that." (emphasis added).

I don't put much stock in the past tense. Hep has enhanced IU's fan support, but Greenspan isn't necessarily saying he won't bring that again in the future. We can hope, at least.
As I said weeks ago, I'm not going to speculate about Coach Hep's health, and I don't consider the following to be such speculation. Regardless of what anyone associated with IU says or doesn't say, rumors will fly during the recruiting process. Hell, the rumors were flying in recruiting circles long before anyone knew that Hep was going to miss spring practice. Still, would it be worthwhile for IU to announce that in the event that Hep's absence becomes permanent, Bill Lynch will be the new coach (i.e., not an interim coach)? It's probably not worth it. They guy had a pretty ordinary record at Ball State. He started well, dipped to an 0-11 season, and finished with a couple of 5-6 seasons. Such a move would cut off the uncertainty a bit, but perhaps the uncertainty is better than locking in an unfit successor.