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Always an adventure with Eli.

The Eli Holman saga continues. As I documented in a post a few weeks back, Holman, despite growing up in a rough town and despite the red flag of the referee incident, seems to be a high-quality kid with a promising future. After the unfortunate incident early in his junior season, Holman had to fight hard for the right to finish out his senior season. Soon after he won his appeal with California's high school athletic association, he was grazed by a bullet.
It has been apparent that Eli is not yet qualified academically, and Doug Wilson of the H-T raised some red flags this week when he posted that Holman and his assistant coach, Lon Coleman, had stopped returning calls, whereas they had always been highly cooperative in the past. Yesterday, however, Doug reported that Holman is in Bloomington, and several posters on the Rivals forums provided eyewitness confirmation. It's hard to say what to make of this. My guess is that if Holman were qualified, someone would tell us so. Still, if the situation looks hopeless, I doubt Eli would be in Bloomington. At this point I suppose we should presume the status quo--Eli and co. are optimistic that he will do so but it hasn't happened yet.