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Spring practice concludes.

It's always difficult to draw much insight from these scrimmages, but despite some nasty, February-like weather, both Hoosier offenses seem to have played well in the 27-26 win by...well, whichever team won. I hate spring games. As usual, I would refer you to the Hoosier Scoop for some nice coverage of the Cream and Crimson Game, as well as a post indicating that Coach Hep sent an e-mail to the players. Neither IU nor Hoeppner has released any information about his status or expected return, and Doug Wilson notes that while many expected him to make an appearance yesterday, he apparently did not do so.
While Hep's health problems are a cloud over this program, much returning talent and a favorable schedule hopefully will make this season a memorable one for a program that hasn't been to the postseason since 1993. Four and a half months, a long summer ahead of us, and then the glorious beginning of college football.