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Joey Shaw to transfer?

An entry on the H-T's Hoosier Scoop blog, posted and quickly retracted, suggests that Joey Shaw is going to transfer from IU. Shaw certainly had his moments this year, and I would have like to see Shaw develop over the years, but at least this loss, if it comes to pass, will be at a position where IU has some depth. The quotes in the now-departed blog entry suggest some dissatisfaction with the staff re: whether Shaw was given a fair shot. Most of Shaw's problems would seem to have been on the defensive end. Particularly, Shaw was a foul machine. Shaw's 400 minutes ranked a distant seventh on the team (Shaw played only 56 percent as many minutes as Lance Stemler, who was sixth with 714 minutes). Nevertheless, Shaw's 71 fouls ranked him among the team leaders. DJ White committed only 84 fouls in 1017 minutes, Wilmont 77 in 950, Calloway 59 in 809, Bassett 59 in 881, Ratliff 78 in 661, Stemler 79 in 714. Thanks to nice round numbers, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Shaw averaged 7.1 fouls per nine minutes.
I don't mean this to sound like sour grapes. I liked Shaw's game, his potential, his enthusiasm. But as we are quickly learning, defense is paramount in Sampsonland, and I have to imagine that's why Joey wasn't playing much even in when he wasn't in foul trouble.
UPDATE: According to the H-T, Shaw remains undecided, notwithstanding some pointed comments by a member of his family.