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Steve Alford takes New Mexico job.

Three Big Ten programs are now without coaches. Steve Alford will be the new coach at New Mexico, "unless there is an unexpected impasse." New Mexico unsuccessfully courted Bob Knight after the 1987-88 season. Alford did a nice job in recent years, but really managed to get sideways with the most amiable group of fans in the Big Ten. Iowa's decision to force Tom Davis out after the 1999 season has culminated in failure.
I have been pretty critical of Steve Alford. His handling of the Pierre Pierce scandal was disgraceful. Part of my attitude toward Steve was pushback against the IU fans who wanted Stevie to be given the IU job despite a complete lack of evidence that he is anything more than an average coach. Still, he is an IU legend and now that he is out of the Big Ten, it will be easier to root for him.
The design of the arena, UNM's famous Pit, should have tipped us off. Frankly, it's a wonder that IU ever managed to convince him to play at Assembly Hall.

New Castle Fieldhouse

Carver Hawkeye Arena

"The Pit," New Mexico