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OSU against Florida.

It's a replay of the BCS championship game, except that the two schools' fans actually care about football. I was very proud of my bracket entering this weekend, because for the first time in memory I correctly picked every Final Four qualifier. Unfortunately, I had Georgetown winning it all, so I'm not going to win any money.
It's odd. I really didn't give much thought to OSU, Oden, and Conley during the regular season. As Norm Dale would say, I support the IU team for what they are rather than dwelling on what they are not. Still, ever since IU was eliminated, the bitter factor has been increasing. I have nothing against Oden and Conley. They made wise decisions, electing not to entrust their careers to Mike Davis. But I'm petty, and I don't want them to win a championship. I don't want to see a new college basketball power on our eastern border that exists primarily because of the nonfeasance of the IU administration in March 2005. So be it. The future is bright at IU, but Kelvin Sampson has a tougher job because the administration waited too long to make a move on Davis.