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As the world turns.

Through Bob Knight, Mike Davis, and Kelvin Sampson, IU's on-court fortunes have varied from season to season. The constant, of course, is that Indiana basketball is a soap opera. It seems unlikely...

Keeping up.

Things have been busy around here, bit Tom Crean has continued his efforts to rebuild the basketball team's decimated roster. The latest news, from this morning's Washington Times and elsewhere, is...

Preseason trash talk.

The IU blogosphere has been all abuzz about Bruce Weber's recent comments about IU. At some sort of Illini circle-jerk a few days ago, Weber said:The league should be wide open and we can be right...

Housekeeping and Crean interview.

I'm likely to be away from the computer for the next few days, but beginning next week I plan to resume daily posting as the buildup for the 2008 college football season begins. Have a nice...

An even decade for Crean.

If the reports are true, Tom Crean's contract, which was to be eight years long, will be ten years long when ultimately signed. While some outlets are describing this as an extension, apparently C...

Crean's contract and other basketball notes.

I'll get back to football as soon as possible, but there has been some basketball news recently. First, Tom Crean now has signed his 10-year contract. Here's the .pdf from the Indianapolis Star. It...

Christian Watford and other basketball discussion.

While football season is just recently underway, IU is in its bye week, and for that reason I'll be writing about basketball a bit this week. In the breaking news category, however, IU added the...

Creanball, part I.

I promised a basketball post this week, and so here it is, although I didn't have as much time as I had hoped. I'm not a scheme expert, by a long shot, so those who have been around since...

Wertheim SI article about IU basketball.

Jon Wertheim, the primary tennis writer for Sports Illustrated but also a Bloomington native who sometimes delves into basketball, wrote a lengthy article about IU basketball for this week's...

The ugly story from Pomeroy, and other midterm thoughts.

IU opens the Big Ten season in Iowa City Saturday afternoon. Since this is a good breaking point, it seems worthwhile to see where the Hoosiers stand.First, here is where IU’s Pomeroy scouting...

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