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Sniping between Big Ten Network and Comcast.

The launching of the Big Ten Network is an issue that I have been following but I don't think I have had much or anything to say about it in this space. Today's New York Times contains an article...

More Big Ten Network information.

The BTN issued another release today concerning televised games. IU's game against Akron will be televised, which means that all four of IU's less-than-marquee non-conference matchups will be...

Jim Delany's amateur hour.

Thanks to this post on mgoblog, we now know that Jim Delany has come unhinged about this Big Ten Network deal. The Big Ten sent an e-mail to various outlets that says this:"Comcast recently has...

A little clarification on the BTN.

I will never pass on the opportunity to kick some sand in Jim Delany’s face. His behavior has been embarrassing and amateurish, and couldn’t possibly be advancing the interests of the BTN. On the...

More on the BTN saga.

Jim Delany seems to be taking his pills. The Centre Daily provides some more insight on the BTN today. Our once-pugnacious commissioner has this to say about Comcast now: "Comcast is an important...

Additional BTN network stuff.

This is an IU blog (really!), but the Big Ten Network seems to be just about the only news relating to IU right now, so here goes. Teddy Greenstein's column in today's Chicago Tribune provides a...

Trouble for the BTN?

I have been delinquent in my Big Ten Network coverage, but Mgoblog's Brian Cook has been kind enough to pick up the slack, pointing out this AP article in which BTN president Mark Silverman says: W...

BTN update.

With a hat-tip to "ptrich" on the IU Rivals forum, Gerry DiNardo is joining the Big Ten Network as a studio analyst. Who would have thought that failing as an IU football coach could be so l...

Some pushback on the BTN; Time Warner Q&A.

Dang ol' Google News Search, I tell you what. Here's a letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette from former IU defensive back Curtis Randle El, best known as the big brother of IU legend...

Interview of Mark Silverman.

Mike Pegram of IU's Rivals site just posted an extensive interview of Mark Silverman, president of the BTN. Peegs did a great job. This is by far the most extensive comment I have seen from the BTN...

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