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The Train Stop, Episode 6.0


The Train Stop podcast's primer for the 2013-2014 Purdue Boilermakers basketball season, tipping off November 8, 2013 in Mackey Arena. We talk about late summer and preseason action vs the University of Indianapolis and Wayne State College, new additions to the team, and focus on Purdue's "big three" of AJ Hammons, Terone Johnson, and Ronnie Johnson. We also make our Big Ten team and individual award predictions, identify our non-Purdue man crushes, single out our favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and make best case/worst case predictions for Purdue's season.

The Train Stop, Episode 5.0


A summer edition of the Train Stop, a Purdue (and Big Ten) basketball podcast hosted by HammerandRails.com and SB Nation. We talk about the Boilermakers' incoming and outgoing transfers, look at the progress of the current roster, introduce the freshman Class of 2013, and highlight possible recruits for the Class of 2014. We also take a look at the professional careers of Boilermaker alumni, and talk about possible Big Ten players who could make a name for themselves during the upcoming NBA Draft.



OKC THUNDER FANS! - click the youtube link above to listen to a song for the OKC THUNDER basketball team!!

Big East Name Change


They need a whole commission to try and find a new name.

CBB's Cheatingest Coaches, per the coaches: Calipari, Drew


John Calipari & Scott Drew...the dirtiest coaches in college? That's what 100 coaches say. And it's not close: John Calipari (Kentucky): 36 percent Scott Drew (Baylor): 34 percent Ben Howland (UCLA): 12 percent Jim Calhoun (Connecticut): 7 percent Tom Crean (Indiana): 3 percent Dave Rice (UNLV): 3 percent Rick Barnes may be overrated but IMHO he's better for your program than a two-faced sanctimonious-twit-slash-two-bit-hustler like Drew. Or maybe just losing to Baylor is getting under my skin. Discuss.

Andre Roberson Interview post-2012 Adidas Nations Camp


From the Denver Nuggets blog, Roundball Mining Company: Andre Roberson recently participated in a camp of some sorts involving multiple NBA players and prospects, run by Adidas. After the camp, a highly competitive pick-up game took place, including Aaron Afflalo, and Roberson played very well. Here's a video interview of what he took away from the camp and the game. Can't wait for this guy to tear it up next year!

Nebraska Week at Big Ten Powerhouse


We at Big Ten Powerhouse, a conference basketball blog, are dedicating this week to the Huskers. Come check us out a be sure to stop by later in the week.

Women's Sports: The Reality of the Present and the Key to the Future


This is a critical time in the WNBA's existence. The league has made some progress, and as fans, we have a chance to help it to grow. I have written more on the subject here.

The Winners and Losers of Boston Sports in May


KG and Rondo top the list. A great "Call Me KG" parody in there also.

Scoop to participate in the Knicks' first pre-draft workout


As a Knicks fan I know we're in need of a PG. But if the Knicks draft Scoop I have a feeling the Jade Scorpion will show up.

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