D'awwwww! Indianapolis Star: "Inconsolable toddler mourns Cody Zeller's NBA draft decision"


Poor widdle toddler... ... but at least the kid's taking it better than some I know! ;)

Cody Zeller in the Stripe Paints


Look how tall he is compared to all the cheerleaders!

"Marsha Marsha Marsha!" The lament of the in-state little siblings.


The Indianapolis Star's Michael Pointer talks to some Purdue and Butler fans who, predictably, denigrate Hoosier nation. Best "Say what?" quote: "Jon Brothers, an accountant from Brownsburg and a Purdue graduate, said he perceives fans of the Hoosiers — including some he considers friends — as arrogant. "Three or four years ago, when we were on top and trying to get back there, I don’t remember many conversations where I was rubbing it in and sticking it to them," Brothers said. "It’s definitely is not a two-way street. ... They (IU fans) are just as loud and outgoing as they were when they won those championships under (Bob) Knight."" He doesn't remember... well, he's unique then. What else can you say to that?

Hooisers Entering Arena Before Upset Loss (Video)


Original video of Coach Crean, Zeller, Oladipo and the rest of the Hoosiers exiting their team charter bus, prior to Tuesday's loss at Minnesota.

Luke Winn SI Power Ranking


Luke Winn tries to find a complex relationship between the number of passes or type of passes and IU's offensive efficiency. What he overlooks is obvious - IU's starting five. If you look at the first 10 offensive possessions of the first and second halves - IU scored on 15 of 20 of them. At the end of those two hyper efficient periods the play by play starts to mention bench players and the turnovers and missed shots increase. No offense (pun intended) to the bench players but they simply could not maintain the insanely effective rate that the starters delivered. All 5 starters on the court, focused and fresh at the same time were scary good

Congrats to Tandon Doss on winning the Super Bowl


Tandon Doss follows successful Indiana University Football career by winning the Super Bowl as member of the Ravens

The Big Handsome named Big Ten Player of the Week


Cody Zeller was named Big Ten Player of the week but shares the honor with MSU point guard Keith Appling. I think it would have been great if he shared it with Victor Oladipo instead.

ESPN Story - "Basketball means more in Indiana"


"The only thing I can compare it to is Alabama football,'' said Birmingham native Christian Watford. "And I think people here are crazier.''

No. 11 IU Soccer hosts No. 8 Notre Dame Tonight


If you're in Bloomington, head to Armstrong Stadium to cheer on the Hoosiers. If, like me, you're not in town, is supposed to be streaming the game for a subscription, and BTN will broadcast it tomorrow at 3pm. Follow @IUMensSoccer on Twitter to get in-game updates (for free!)

Peach Jam AAU Live Streams


For anyone with some time on their hands through Saturday, the Nike Peach Jam is streaming all of their games. Players included in the games are commits Trey Lyles and Stanford Robinson. Along with a ton of targeted recruits.


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