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Noah Vonleh Will Declare for the NBA Draft

The 6'10" forward will be the first Hoosier to declare for the NBA Draft after a single season in Bloomington since Eric Gordon in 2008.

NCAA Tournament Final Day of 1st Weekend Schedule

On the final day of weekend 1, I'm sure everyone's tournament brackets are shot, but the fun isn't over. Swing on by to provide comment on the Sunday games.

NCAA Tournament Saturday Schedule and Game Thread

Round of 32 time is here and you can find the schedule for all of the games today here. This will also serve as a game thread as well for anyone's thoughts, feelings or dreams to be documented.

What Happens Now?

Looking at what must come next for Indiana to succeed.

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Hoosiers Bad Non-Conference Schedule Must Change

It's not secret that Indiana has not only played a very poor non-conference schedule this year, but they've made a habit of it. The powers that be made a point with the selection shows on Sunday that if you don't play anyone you won't play anywhere.

Indiana Football Player in Medically Induced Coma

Not much news has come out about redshirt freshman Isaac Griffith's conditions, but it has been confirmed by family that he is in a medically induced coma after a swimming accident involving a rip tide while on spring break.

Hoosiers Have Help On the Way

Now that Indiana's season is over, now is a good time to take a look at what kind of help should be arriving this summer. If Indiana can use this strong class of shooters to provide space for the already present slashers, IU could make noise again.

Justifying the Unjustifiable

What happened to Indiana basketball this year was unacceptable, but not out of the norm for even the best programs. The difference between the great and not so great is that the best rarely repeat seasons like this. IU needs a big step to be great.

Basketball Season is Over, Plus More Links

The NIT was Judge Smails to the Hoosiers yesterday, and as a result, the season is over. Womp womp.

Indiana Gets NIT Snub

Indiana doesn't even find their way into the NIT field. After a year of blowing opportunity after opportunity their weak non-conference schedule was likely the nail that ultimately sealed their post-season tournament hopes shut.

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