Latest Forbes top colleges list - IU tops PU-Ivy League


Promoted to front page for discussion purposes and because Purdue sucks. Let the hate flow through you. -AJ


Well well well, it looks like IU has topped the only Ivy League school in Indiana in something else. Even though the school in West Lafayette prides itself on sausage festing they have only won ONE national title in a male based sport. Let's be Golf really a sport? No, it's a leisure activity for rich old people before they pass on. Purdue just can't catch a break can they?

Purdue prides itself on 2 things: Academics and talking about IU's dusty banners. If Purdue had banners(they never will) there's would never be dusty...go figure.

Purdue LOVES to talk about how what has "held them back" is being such a great academic institution(funny it never has fazed Stanford...but then again Purdue is a way better institution now aren't they? LOOOOOOL). Purdue LOOOOOOVES to mention that everyone thinks they are a private school. In fact, did you know that when a Boiler is walking down the street in there Boilering Up shirt people literally drop to there knees in amazement and kiss there feet. Well, attempt to. You can't just walk up to a Boiler and kiss there feet, it takes a lot more to be able to do such an amazing feet. Purdue also LOOOOOVES to mention that people think they are in the freaking Ivy League. And finally Purdue LOOOOOOOOVES to talk about how "the school down south" is actually a Community College and no one ever goes to class. Oh let's not forget, IU is the school that Purdue rejects go to.

So it's a little comical when IU tops Purdue in Academic rankings. The way Purdue explains it is Purdue>Yale and Gary Wallace High School>Indiana University Community College.

Now that we know IU actually is on par with Purdue, or maybe even better, it must mean that since IU is a Community College Purdue is a middle school. Fantastic.

Now it's time to hear from the Purdue faithful on how those rankings don't matter(funny how that works huh?)

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