Indiana Hoosiers Player Profiles: Will Sheehey


Will Sheehey- Sophomore

Sagemont High School – Stuart, Florida

6’6" – 200 lbs.

When I first got a look at last year’s small recruiting class of Will Sheehey and Victor Oladipo it was with a group of friends at Hoosier Hysteria. Oladipo came in as a crowd favorite and the whole building seem to respond to his demeanor. Before playing a game the crowd had already picked "their guy" from that class. My buddies sat to my left and right raving about the athleticism, quickness and fantastic vertical of Oladipo, but I couldn’t help but keep my eye on Sheehey during the whole process. By the end of the night I proclaimed that Sheehey is going to be something someday. He’s got great size for a wing and he had an awareness about him that I hadn’t seen from a Hoosier in couple years. You could just see the game being processed in his head and he had an uncanny knack for being in the middle of every play. I thought he would be something special. Not everyone thought as highly as I did of him though.

The Florida native came to Bloomington as the 131st ranked prospect in the land. Fielding calls from Georgia Tech, Michigan and Stanford he elected to come to the Midwest and play for Indiana. As a senior he averaged 14 points a game to go with seven rebounds and four assists. Not an incredibly special stat line for a top 150 senior but there was promise beneath the initial layers. A real athlete, Sheehey was still developing physically to go with his game. A promising prospect with the ball in his hands slashing to the basket and shooting from midrange he was very much a project player for the Big Ten. 


As a freshman Sheehey came to Bloomington and showed some flashes of brilliance. He won me over at Hoosier Hysteria and he won the rest of Hoosier Nation over quickly after the season began. Will played in all 32 games and worked his way into the starting lineup for seven of them. Mississippi Valley State was the first game of the season where Hoosiers fans saw what they had in Sheehey. He broke out for a flurry of nine points, five rebounds, two steals and an assist in only 11 minutes of play off the bench.

Sheehey averaged 14 minutes a game through his freshman season with five points a game. However, the most valuable asset he had to offer was his multi-positional defensive abilities. In a pinch, Sheehey was capable of guarding all but the five spot last season. Add in a couple thunder dunks, one of which (against Iowa) made the CBS Dunk of the Year show in March. His freshman campaign certainly showed a lot of promise.

Fast forward to the fall of 2011 and Sheehey has been getting all kinds of praise. CBS Sports’ Jeff Goodman toured the country checking out some top programs in the nation and made a stop by Bloomington. He came away raving about Sheehey. Calling him "an all-league guy" when everything is said and done. A pretty impressive title to be able to add to your name. However, I still think we should pump the breaks a bit. I realize that all I have been doing is ranting and raving about Sheehey but he still needs to slow things down a bit. He has a tendency to move to quickly which gets him into foul trouble and turnovers.

Give him one more year to have major expectations on him, until then he should be a guy that threatens to start long term but provides tons of energy off the bench. Look for Sheehey to increase his minutes to 18-20 a game and pour in seven points. Include four rebounds a game and an assist or two and you have a very potent bench player that may crack the starting line-up by the end of the year. Temper the expectations a bit on Sheehey. I do think he’ll be All Big Ten caliber someday but let’s wait one more year before we put expectations on him to carry the team. Remind me in a year to double his statistics from this prediction.  

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