2010 Indiana Hoosiers Football preview: defensive backs.

Who's back?

Chris Adkins, 6-1 Jr. FS: Adkins played only six games last season before suffering a season-ending injury.  As a redshirt freshman, Adkins started every game at cornerback before moving to safety.

Richard Council, 6-1 Sr. CB: Council has been something of a target for those critical of IU's secondary, and recently defensive coordinator Joe Palcic candidly admitted that he brought in the two juco corners mentioned below in an effort to replace Council, who reportedly has elevated his game.   We'll see.

Donnell Jones, 5-10 Sr. FS:  Jones has started a handful of games in his first two seasons.  He had one interception last year, at Iowa.

Adrian Burks, 6-0 Sr. CB:  Burks has played quite a bit, largely on special teams, but it's really interesting that very few of the returning Hoosiers in the defensive backfield have any interceptions.

Jarrell Drane, 6-2 Jr. SS:  Drane has played sparingly, mostly on special teams, in his first two seasons. 

Who's gone?

CB Ray Fisher; safeties Austin Thomas, Nick Polk, Jerimy Finch.  Fisher spent his first three years as a WR and stepped in a corner as a senior while returning kicks, and currently is trying to land a roster spot with the Indianapolis Colts.  Polk and Thomas were longtime starters.  Finch?  Easy come, easy go, easy come, easy go.

Who's new?

Mitchell Evans, 6-3 Sr. SS:  Evans isn''t really new.  He's been all over the place during his IU career.  As a true freshman, he enrolled as a QB but was moved to safety, and intercepted two passes against Western Michigan that year.  The next season, he moved to WR.  In 2008, he played WR and some quarterback.  Now, with Austin Thomas and Nick Polk gone, he is attempting to fill the void at safety.

Lawrence Barnett, 5-10 FR (RS) CB:  Barnett is projected in the media guide as one of the starters at cornerback, although we will find out soon enough if one of the juco transfers or Council will end up in that spot.

Matt Ernest, 6-2 Jr. CB:  Ernest played little at WR in his first two years, and even if he ends up as a backup, defense seems like his most likely opportunity to contribute.

Andre Kates, 5-11 Jr. CB:  Kates was a juco all-American and even national player of the year according to one service.  He should contend for one of the starting spots.

Lenyatta Kiles, 5-11 Jr. CB:  Kiles was all-conference, and like Kates, either will challenge for a starting spot or add some depth.

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